My first weeks in Haapavesi

It’s hard to leave everything without really knowing the city or the people you’re going to be with for six months. I had a certain apprehension; were we going to understand each other? And above all, appreciate each other? Was I going to fit easily into this new environment?

The answer is: JOO!

As soon as I arrived in Ylivieska, Leena warmly welcomed me at the station. And when we entered the lovely apartment in Haapavesi, it was like a Christmas day with gifts on the table and a postcard welcoming me.

The first days I met a lot of warm, smiling and caring people. Everything is done to make me feel good, and it is…. I feel at home!

During this first week, I discovered the quiet beauty of Haapavesi; and, of course, the places where I work: the Youth House, Kokoomo with the youth workshop and the association 4H, and the vocational dormitory JEDU.

I watched my first game of Ice Hockey (Haapavesi won!); I learned my first words in Finnish and the most important of all «No niin» ! I Met the friendly group of the English course and funny group of the Finnish course. 

And finish the second week in beauty with Sanni’s concert in Nivala!

I was able to present my city and at the same time rediscover it. And that’s the wonderful thing about travelling, because you’re discovering both a foreign culture but also your own culture, because you’re looking at it in a new way. By introducing my city I was able to rediscover it.

These first two weeks are already beyond my expectations, and I think this experience will bring me many things, both professional and personal. I feel very fortunate to be here with all of you and would never thank you enough.

Best regards,



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